30A Heavy Duty Digital Timer


Heavy Duty 30A Digital Timer Grow Light Contactor Relay Switch IP55 HPS

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A 30 Digital Heavy Duty Timer from Lowenergie.

Capable of switching up to 2 X 600W hps, 4 x 400w hps or 7 x 250w hps lights or 8 x 250w CFL lights.

IP55 rated rainproof, dustproof, splashproof, for indoor and outdoor usage

Digital Timer with 1 minute time setting, 24 hour, 7 day programmable, up to 20 ON/OFF programmes per day

Unlike most conventional timers this Lowenergie timer is designed to handle the inductive load generated by HID/ Metal Halide or Sodium lamps. Cheaper timers with only 13A ratings will stick either on or off as the tiny contacts inside them weld together under the high inrush/ start up current created by HID, HPS or metal halide lamps.



  • 30 Amp rated for long relay contactor life, 30A Resistive load, lighting loads given above

    Up to 20 ON/OFF programmes per day/ 140 ON/OFF per week

    Can have different programmes for every day of the week if needed

    Min time setting 1 minute

    24 hours display

    Power backup feature, timer will retain settings for up to 3 months on power failure

    Auto programme or manual ON/OFF modes

    Factory reset function

    Power on display light

    Daylight saving time setting

    Dimensions 116mm wide x 170mm high x 43mm deep

    CE approved and Marked

    Supplied with rubber cable grommets

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