GU10 4w LED Spotlight Premium Quality Short

A Short 4W Energy Saving LED GU10 Light Bulb

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A Short 4W Energy Saving LED GU10 Light Bulb

This GU10 dimmable led product is the best we have tested to date for being the closest comparison to a traditional 50w halogen bulb both in terms of brightness, light colour, beam angle and appearance of the lamp itself once mounted into the down lighter housing, all this and with the significant energy savings it has to offer (see below).  The lamp comprises of 4, 1 watt high power led s and is considered to be at the forefront of led lamp technology with high popularity throughout Europe.

These led spotlights will use 92% less energy compared to a standard 50w halogen bulb.  Each bulb could reduce you electricity bill by up to 8.73 per year in a domestic application* this gives you a payback period on this product of 1.12 years.  Where used in commercial property, lights could be on 9 hours a day, 5 days a week with potential electricity bill reductions of over 16 per lamp over one year, that s a payback of just under 7 months.

Payback is the time it takes for an investment in energy conservation to repay its cost in energy savings
This product is rated A.  It uses 8% of the energy normally used by a 50W halogen lamp

This GU10 fitment has a 240v input, therefore does not require a transformer.  Led bulbs have instant brightness as soon as they are switched on and do not have a warm up time.  Led bulbs can last 50,000 hours, that could be nearly 35 years in a domestic application.

All of our products are genuine and approved.  They comply with European electrical regulations with the CE mark and RoHS Compliant.  We sell our products at competitive rates as we purchase in bulk directly from the factory.


Equivalent Brightness 50W Tungsten Equivalent
Lamp holder GU10
Colour Warm White, Neutral White or (Day) White
Colour temperature 3000K, 4500K or 6000K
Input Voltage 240V
Power Consumption 4 Watts
Light output 440 Lumens
Lifespan 50,000 hours of use
Dimensions lamp diamater 50mm, lamp length 53mm
Beam Angle 45 Degrees
Working Temprature  
Energy Rating A – Rated
CE CE Approved and Marked
RoHS Compliant and Marked
Package Each boxed separately

*Energy savings per year are based on a typical usage per lamp of up to 4 hours per day.  Electricity cost is based on a typical 13p per KWH.

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Natural White – 4000K, Warm White – 3000K, White – 6000K


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