Indoor Photocell light Switch


An Indoor Photocell Sensor light switch for daylight energy savings

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An indoor photocell sensor light switch for daylight energy savings

We have specially requested manufacturer of this indoor photocell switch with Adjustable LUX level which is different to most photocell switches of this type on the market which have fixed LUX brightness switching range.

The adjustable lux means this sensor switch can be used to auto switch off lighting when there is sufficient daylight. For example, the sensor can be set to keep lights on during cloudy or overcast conditions, but if the sun comes out with full daylighting, then the lights can auto turn off saving electricity. At the end of the day, the manual light switch can be turned off cutting power to this sensor to ensure lights do not stay on overnight, or alternatively, the lights can be fully automated using one of our timer switches.

Ideal for shop display window lighting, storage warehouses or workshops, lighting close to windows which can be turned off separately from lighting further back from the windows.

The successful and accurate operation of this type of switch will often come down to the positioning of this sensor. As this sensor will try to turn off the lights when it thinks there is adequate lighting, this sensor should be shielded from the internal light source. Examples of the installation location are high within a window opening (behind the blind/ curtains, see photo), or close to a rooflight.


Operating voltage 220V/AC-240V/AC     
Max Current/Load 6A (1400w)
Warranty 2 Year manufacturers guarantee

Can be used with a contactor switch to increase max load
Switching adjustment range 10 to 300 Lux, using adjustment screw on base
Wall Bracket included
3-wire connection, (live in, neutral, switched live out)
Max Load 
CE, EMC and RoHS Passed

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