Time lag switch illuminated & adjustable


Energy Saving time lag switch illuminated & adjustable

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This is a highly adaptable electronic time lag switch with a built in fully adjustable rundown timer, robust and maintenance free design. The product is introduced and designed by Lowenergie and is fully compliant with European CE certification and electrical safety standards. The internal switching mechanism is rated predominantly for lighting to 6A. Only two wire connection, live in/ live out as many light switches do not have a neutral wire behind them

Typical applications are wherever lighting could be left on wasting energy. These switches can pay for themselves very quickly in electricity savings. Usage may include communal hallways to flats, small store rooms, toilets, extract ventilation boost timer, garages, utility rooms, office/ shop kitchens and staff areas and more.

When switching and low power lighting e.g. CFL, LED or 2D lamps a power factor correction capacitor (PFCC) will need to be wired across the switch live and neutral of the light fitting to aid effective switching and reduce risk of flickering. A 4uF(microfarad) capacitor is recommended, available separately or with switch+capacitor bundle. Fluorescent tube lights do not normally need this capacitor as it is usually included with the fitting


Time delay fully adjustable from 12 seconds to 12 Minutes
Electronic time delay adjustment using rear thumbscrew
Only 2 Wire connection, Live in/ Live Out (No Neutral Required)
6A rating, approx 1440W at 240V AC
Max 2A, approx 500w for CFL, LED and 2D lamps
Illuminated switch backlighting
This switch uses electronic switching without a relay, preventing relay contact burnout for a longer a more reliable operating life
CE certificated to EN60669
Full warranty against defects in material and workmanship for 1 years from date of manufacture.

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